Influencing The NEW ERA


LaFATO is built on a belief to provide the best advertising, creative and print solutions which are of the highest quality. Together with our team, our sole purpose has been to be a one stop platform for creativity, media and print solutions for our customers.

LaFATO has a belief of brilliant ideas, breathtaking creatives, quality outputs, positive advertising, and unique solutions at LaFATO.


Our Services

Gra . phix

We produce our most outstanding outputs, our highly qualified and competent creative engineers are trained not only to design but also to create concepts that suite the current era of technology and business

Chapa . chap-chap

When it comes to print it’s all about the quality, the colours, the paper.Thats why we undertake our clients printing, our offset printing machine can provide with good quality printing be it big or small.

Mark . eting

Helping our Clients Create, communicate and deliver the  products and/or services they offer  to their customers using social media, SMS, emails, website management and more.